The kitchen

We’re specialists in traditional and Mediterranean cuisine and we make all our dishes with proximity and km.0 products, seasonal ingredients, selected and prepared in a simple way.

A selection of proposals and risky surprises that’ll make you want to lick your fingers, like our hamburgers with different bread flavors or our most delicious appetizers. Soups, salads, pasta, meat, fish, pizzas or snacks. And don’t worry if you’re vegetarian or intolerant, because we’ll adapt our dishes to your needs. You’ll only have to communicate it to our team.

Traditional kitchen

The rumor is spread… Nowhere like home! But… can you imagine being able to eat in a unique space the same food you cook at home? At Enjoy IT we prepare all our dishes based on traditional and land-based food.

Mediterranean kitchen

The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the richest and most healthy ones, both for its elaboration or for the nutrients it contains. For this reason, in our menu you’ll find the most characteristic dishes of our cuisine and some more delicious proposals.

Km 0 Products

From the vegetable garden to the plate! Simple and fast! All our dishes are made with proximity products in order to maintain all their flavor and nutritional properties.

A pleasure for all the senses!